Friday, February 21, 2014

Lao Cai bids touching farewell to UNICEF Representative

LAO CAI, Vietnam, 21 February 2014: This week, in the midst of celebrations to mark International Mother Language Day, ethnic minority teachers, parents and children from Lao Cai Province in Northern Viet Nam bid a touching farewell to the outgoing UNICEF Representative, Lotta Sylwander.

“Words are not enough to express our sentiments, and to explain the value of this mother-tongue based education programme” said Mr Nguyen Dac Hoang, Vice Head of Education and Training Board in Sa Pa district, as he praised the UNICEF Representative’s strong support for the programme.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Semi-boarding schools in the remote Vietnamese province of Dien Bien are at the heart of a UNICEF-supported primary education policy for ethnic minority children.

A healthy start in Viet Nam

Ten-year-old Xi, a member of the Vietnamese Mong ethnic minority, wants to be a police officer when she grows up. “I’d like to protect the ethnic minorities, and to be able to spot the drug dealers and stop them,” she says.

Such confidence and social responsibility in someone so young is startling, especially bearing in mind that her home is in one of the most disadvantaged and remote parts of Viet Nam, where making ends meet is the main priority. Her mature attitude also represents an encouraging victory for UNICEF’s new country programme geared towards supporting ethnic minority children as well as disabled and other disadvantaged young people.
Students at Dien Bien’s semiboarding schools take health and hygiene lessons back to their homes.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

During United Nations week, a voice for children with disabilities is heard in corridors of power

During United Nations week in New York, Vietnamese singing sensation and advocate Crystal joined forces with American icon and United Nations Messenger of Peace Stevie Wonder to push for a “world of inclusion”.

NEW YORK, United States of America, 26 September 2013 – She calls herself Crystal, because of her brittle bones, but Nguyen Phuong Anh is fast becoming known for her sparkling voice and for shattering stereotypes about disabilities.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Provincial children’s forum: Voice of children from Lao Cai province

Chau Thi Tao, 15, was attending Lao Cai’s Children’s Forum in July 2013, where she and 51 other young students voiced up for their rights to participation. They were gathering to influence the amendment of the Law on Protection, Care and Education of Children.

“I want child marriage to end. I can talk to my friends and other people in my homeland about children’s rights and how the Law protects them.” – Tao said. “Early marriage cannot help people to escape poverty. I hope policy makers will consider this issue more seriously when they amend the Law.”
Chau Thi Tao before the National Children Forum. ©  UNICEF Viet Nam\2013\Nguyen Huong Ly

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bilingual education programme provides equitable education for ethnic minority children in Viet Nam

Vang Thi Thu Ha, 9 years old, participates in the pilot bilingual education programme supported by UNICEF.
Vang Thi Thu Ha, a third grader at Ban Pho Primary School in Lao Cai - a poor northern mountainous province of Viet Nam, is articulating the strengths of bilingual education and a more equitable future for the nation’s ethnic minority population.